School Bus Safety

The Transportation Supervisor will present a session on bus evacuation procedures at each school. This activity will take place within the first month of each school year and will be scheduled at the convenience of the School Principal and Transportation Supervisor. The evacuation procedures will be thoroughly explained. All students will then participate in a practice evacuation to learn the proper way to evacuate a bus in an emergency situation.

Other presentations relevant to increasing safety on AMBE buses will be developed and implemented by the Transportation Supervisor throughout the school year.

Information sessions and/or printed information concerning bus safety practices will be presented for parents on a regular basis

Safety Tips

Keep Your Distance

The area immediately around the bus is especially dangerous. Keep a distance of at least 10 feet away from the school bus. Use the safety devices that indicate where to walk as a guideline.

Approaching the Bus

Board the bus one at a time and without shoving and pushing.

Leaving the Bus

Learn to look for vehicles that might approach on the side of the road. Once you are off the bus, move away quickly to avoid standing in the risk area.

Cars and Buses

All drivers must remember to carefully observe the warning signs by the school buses. Once there is a red light, no driver should attempt to pass the bus.

Bus Stop Location

Certain locations may increase the danger of accidents and should therefore be avoided. One example is intersections, which typically get busy with vehicles. Try to avoid these locations as much as possible. There may also be areas that offer poor visibility to drivers too!