Akwesasne History Project Videos

Akwesasne History Project: Indian Act

Akwesasne History Project: 60's Scoop

The 60’s Scoop was a governmental policy that placed indigenous children in non-native homes for fostering and adoption. An Akwesasronon survivor shares her story about severed ties with family, culture and language, and the policy changes created to focus on keeping families together.

Akwesasne History Project: St. Lawrence Seaway

In 1954, construction on the St. Lawrence Seaway project began, covering almost 300 kilometers of navigation construction from Montreal to Lake Erie. Though local employment was suddenly available for Akwesasronon, the cost included the erosion and flooding of the lands, toxic waste, and a complete disturbance of the ecosystem. Listen as elders recall times before the Seaway became part of our lives.

Akwesasne History Project: Residential Schools

Akwesasne elders discuss their childhood memories of their days at residential schools as they can relate to the haunting recollections and a shroud of sadness that’s exists for many indigenous people today who attended residential schools in Canada.

Akwesasne History Project: Border Crossing

The Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation straddles the international border between the US and Canada, despite the fact that Mohawks have inhabited the area for many centuries. The Akwesasne History Project spoke with tribal elders about their experiences with the border over the years.

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