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University of Waterloo has approved 5 Indigenous Math scholarships for indigenous math teachers.
The deadline for applications  is May 1st so it is time sensitive.
The University Waterloo does have an existing Master for Math Teachers


The MMT is designed to provide current [high school] teachers of mathematics with the opportunity to expand their knowledge base. In addition to providing a deeper understanding of mathematical foundations relating to core secondary school curricula, students will also be exposed to areas of applications of modern mathematics. The primary focus of the program is on mathematics and its applications rather than on pedagogy, but it will also challenge its students to look for new and innovative ways in which they can bring their newfound knowledge into the classroom.

The 5 scholarships being offered are for high school indigenous math teachers. It is open to all teachers teaching predominantly indigenous students. 

“candidates must be active mathematics teachers, demonstrate a strong connection to an Indigenous community, and show an ability to impact Indigenous students. Preference will be given to Indigenous candidates.”