Student Conduct on School Buses

AMBE Policy #881/1020

The Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education believes that proper student conduct while riding a school bus is one of the most important elements in the provision of safe transportation. The bus is an extension of the school; therefore, the Board requires children to conduct themselves while on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behaviour. Students who become serious disciplinary problems on the bus may have their riding privileges suspended by the Board. In such cases, parents/guardians become responsible for insuring that the child gets to and from school safely until such times as the Board reinstates riding privileges.


Once a child boards the bus he/she becomes the responsibility of the Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education. Such responsibility shall only end when the student is delivered to the regular bus stop at home at the close of day.

  • The driver shall report to the school principal any child who violates or refuses to abide by the rules. (An attempt should be made to resolve petty problems.) The school principal has disciplinary authority for the conduct of children en route.
  • The driver shall discipline no child while the bus is in motion. If a serious, danger-invoking situation occurs, the driver shall pull over at the first, safe opportunity and insist that the student’s behavior be corrected.
  • All students shall remain seated in passenger seats at all times while the bus in motion. Students shall not extend any part of their bodies out of the bus windows. Littering of the bus or roadway is prohibited.
  • Students must arrive at any scheduled pick-up point 5 minutes before scheduled pick up time, as the driver has a time schedule to follow and is unable to wait for any student for an unnecessary length of time.
  • Eating and/or drinking of any product, including water, on the bus is prohibited.
  • Students shall maintain classroom conduct while on the bus except that they may converse with each other in a normal voice. Abusive or profane language is prohibited.
  • Possession or use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • Students/passengers guilty of vandalism will be charged with the cost of repairs and may be prohibited from riding on the bus.

The following procedure will be followed if a student chooses to break a rule:

Incident #1
Incident #2
Incident #3 1st Suspension
Incident #1
Incident #2
Incident #3 2nd Suspension
Incident #1
Incident #2
Incident #3 3rd and Final Suspension (for the remainder of the present school year)

The above procedures will be followed in most instances of student discipline. Students are given ample opportunity to improve behavior prior to final suspension from bus riding privileges. However, any student who commits a violent act while on the bus will be suspended immediately. The length of suspension will be dependent upon the severity of the incident.

Every student will begin each school year with a clean slate. There will be no carry over of disciplinary action from year to year. (However, the Board reserves the right to retain all completed Incident Reports in confidential, secured files for three years.)