Tsi Snaihne School

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from
Tsi Snaihne School

K4A Mrs. Point

K4B Mrs. Terrance-Pierce and Lana King

k4 b tsss

Grade K5 Ms. Deer-Thompson

Grade 1 Ms. Hall

Grade 2 Ms. Bruinsma

Grade 3B Ms. Francis

grade 3 Mr. Thompson

Grade 3 Ms. Jacobs

Grade 3/4 Ms. Morgan

Grade 4 Mr. Lemoy

Grade 5 Mr. O'Connell

Grade 5 Ms. Benedict and Sarah

Grade 5 Ms. Ransom
All I Want for Christmas....pdf

Grade 5B Mrs. Cree-Arquette
gr. 5B christmas card.pdf

Grade 6 Ms. Ransom

Grade 7 Mrs. Bruyere

Grade 7 Ms. MacLeod

Grade 8 Ms. Kroon