COVID-19 Virus Prevention

She:kon AMBE Families,

Ennisko:wa/March 12, 2020

RE: Attendance Policy Amendment Due to COVID-19

In an effort to maintain a healthy school community, AMBE is temporarily amending its attendance policy in light of the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak.

Effective immediately, any student who is ill is asked to stay home. Parents are asked to call and notify the school that their child is home sick. Any absences due to illness will not be counted against that student as long as the school has been informed. 

Ultimately, any student that is feeling ill should not feel pressured to attend school to maintain “perfect attendance” or to earn an attendance incentive.

Nia:wen for your cooperation and commitment to maintaining a healthy school community.

COVID 19 Virus Letter to Families.pdf

COVID-19 Virus Prevention