Our Policies


Policy 100 Index

Policy 101 Legal Status

Policy 102 Philosophy of Education - Mission Statement and Vision

Policy 103 Goals of Education

Policy 104 Local Control of Education

Policy 105 Community Involvement in Decision Making

Policy 106 Staff Employee Involvement in Decision Making

Policy 107 Relationship with Federal Provincial Governments

Policy 108 Relationship with Mohawk Council of Akwesasne

Policy 108A Akwesasne Mohawk Council Resolution - Acceptance of AMBE Policy

Policy 110 Respect for the Wisdom of the Elders

Policy 200 Index

Policy 201 Authority of the Board of Education

Policy 202 Role of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne

Policy 203 Role of the Board of Education - Powere and Duties

Policy 204 Role of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

Policy 205 Organizational Structure of the Board

Policy 206 Board Elections, Eligibility and Removal from Office

Policy 206A Board By-Elections

Policy 207 Member Code of Ethics

Policy 208 Board Members Conflict of Interest

Policy 209 Board Member Honorarium and Expenses

Policy 210 Board Member Professional Development Opportunities

Policy 211 New Board Member Orientation

Policy 212 Board Meetings

Policy 213 Board Meeting Conduct

Policy 214 Board Meeting Agenda

Policy 215 Board Meeting Minutes

Policy 216 Community Information Program

Policy 217 Community Participation at Board Meetings

Policy 218 Board Chairperson Powers and Duties

Policy 219 Board Committees and Sub-Committees

Policy 220 Board-Director Repationship

Policy 221 Board Policy Development

Policy 222 Board Policy Approval, Amendment and Rescindment

Policy 223 Policy Implementation

Policy 224 Policy Review and Evaluation

Policy 225 Policy Suspension

Policy 226 Board Review of Administrative Decisions and Rules

Policy 227 Administration in the Absence of Policy

Policy 228 Consultants to the Board

Policy 229 Board Self-Evaluation

Policy 300: General Administration

Policy 301: Administration Goals

Policy 302: Director of Education

Policy 303 Role of the Dirctor of Education

Policy 304 Compensation and Benefits - Director of Education

Policy 305 Evaluation of the Director of Education

Policy 306 School Program Evaluation

Policy 307 System Evaluation

Policy 308 School Year Calendar

Policy 309 Staff Meetings

Policy 310 Advertising in School(s)

Policy 311 Research Projects and Surveys

Policy 400 Index

Policy 405 Purchasing Authority

Policy 406 Payment of Accounts

Policy 407 Payment of Salaries

Policy 409 Authorized Travel

Policy 415 Disposal of Board Property

Policy 416 Damage of Board Property

Policy 500 Index

Policy 502 Staff Ethics

Policy 503 Staff Conduct

Policy 508 Employee Conflict of Interest

Policy 509 Employee Involvement in Decision Making

Policy 510 Employee Participation in Community Activities
Policy 514 Employee Professional Development Opportunities

Policy 515 Board - Employees Communications

Policy 516 Employee - Student Relations

Policy 517 Smoking on School Premises by Employees

Policy 518 Compliance with Board Policy and Community Laws

Policy 519 Role of the School Prinicpal

Policy 520 Role of the Assistant Principal

Policy 522 Duties of Teachers

Policy 523 Teacher Planning

Policy 600 Index

Policy 601 Instructional Goals

Policy 602 Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

Policy 603 Curriculum Development and Approval

Policy 604 Classroom Sizes

Policy 605 Kainen`keha Instruction

Policy 606 Religious Instruction

Policy 607 Teaching Controversial Issues

Policy 608 Homework

Policy 609 Community Resource Persons

Policy 610 Community Coaches and Supervisors

Policy 611 Acceptable Use Guide for Technological Resources

Policy 612 School Field Trips

Policy 614 Post Secondary Opportunities

Policy 700 Index

Policy 701 Community Information Program

Policy 702 Visitors to the School

Policy 703 Collaboration with other Schools, Colleges and Universities

Policy 704 Student Teaching and Interships

Policy 705 School Committees

Policy 708 Expressions of Sympathy

Policy 800 Index

Policy 801 Support Service Goals

Policy 802 Safety Programs

Policy 803 Prevention of Accidents at School

Policy 804 Emergency Closings

Policy 805 Student Transportation Services

Policy 806 School Bus Scheduling and Routing

Policy 807 School Bus Inspection

Policy 808 School Bus Safety Program

Policy 809 School Bus Discipline Driver Responsibility

Policy 810 Use of Board Owned Vehicles

Policy 811 Use of Personal Vehicles

Policy 812 Community Use of School Equipment

Policy 813 Role of the School Bus Driver

Policy 814 Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy for Bus Driver

Policy 900 Index

Policy 901 Facilities Goals

Policy 902 Buildings and Grounds Inspection and Management

Policy 903 Buildings and Grounds Security

Policy 904 Vandalism

Policy 1000 Index

Policy 1001 Student Policy Goals

Policy 1002 Equal Educational Opportunities

Policy 1005 Student Referrals

Policy 1008 Administering Medicine to Students

Policy 1009 Student Evaluation and Assessments

Policy 1010 Promotion and Retention of Student

Policy 1011 Reporting Student Progress

Policy 1014 Student Government

Policy 1015 Student Discipline

Policy 1016 Student Suspension - Expulsion

Policy 1017 Safe and Secure School Facilities

Policy 1018 Smoking By Students

Policy 1019 Student Fundraising Activities

Policy 1020 Student Conduct on School Buses

Policy 1021 Mandated Reporting of Abuse or Neglect

Policy 1022 Student Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Policy 1023 Student Vehicles

Policy 1024 Gender Identity

Policy 1100 Index

Policy 1101 Statement of Beliefs

Policy 1102 Model of Special Education Delivery

Policy 1103 Categories of Exceptionality

Policy 1104 Referral Process for Students

Policy 1105 Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC)

Policy 1106 Appeal Process

Policy 1107 Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Policy 1108 Transition Plans for Students

Policy 1109 Intergrating Community Service

Policy 1110 Services for Students Attending Provincial Schools