Bus Cancellations


There may be times when the weather will cause school bus transportation to be disrupted.  The Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education (AMBE) may cancel transportation, delay or cancel school based on information from other School Boards, the local police and road crews, and weather alerts monitored by Dwayne Thomas, Transportation Supervisor.


School Delays

During the winter months, the decision to cancel transportation, delay or close schools is made cooperatively based on the information provided.  School may be delayed by one hour to allow the roads to be cleared of snow/ice.  For example, if school is delayed for one hour, then the bus will arrive at their regular stop one hour later than usual and the school will open at 9 a.m.  If you normally drop your child off at school at 8 a.m., you will then drop them off at 9 a.m.  It is important not to drop off your child earlier, as there will be no supervision for them until staff arrives at the delayed time.

School Closures

In the event that the school is closed for the day based on cases of severe weather, schools and all bus transportation will be cancelled.  This includes transportation to the high schools in Cornwall.  If weather conditions change rapidly and unpredictably during the day, schools may be closed early.  All parents will be informed of the early dismissal and students will be transported home as soon as the buses arrive at school.

Bus Transportation Cancelled

There will be instances when bus transportation is cancelled, but the schools will remain open.  In this instance, parents may transport their children to and from school.  Unless otherwise announced, schools will remain open for students and staff, even if transportation is cancelled.   For students attending high schools in Cornwall, all schools will remain open.

If the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) cancels transportation due to inclement weather, all AMBE buses will not run to or from Cornwall, including the high school and Head Start buses.


Occasionally fog patches occur.  Fog greatly increases the risk that motorists may collide with a stopped vehicle or hit a student in the process of boarding the bus.  Bus drivers have been instructed not to stop in fog patches where visibility is significantly reduced.  It is recommended that your child is not waiting for the bus if visibility is significantly reduced by fog.

Mechanical Breakdown

The possibility of a mechanical breakdown of a school bus always exists.  This is a particular concern during the winter months.  It is important to ensure that your child is dressed warmly enough to cope with the potential loss of heat due to a mechanical breakdown on the bus.  If this occurs, alternative transportation will be arranged as soon as possible.  In this circumstance, the bus may be late picking up your child in the morning or returning him/her home after school.

Parental Responsibility

AMBE strives to ensure the safe transportation of all students.  Each parent has the right and legal obligation to protect their child.  The decision to keep your child home at any time due to the conditions of the roads is a decision that every parent can make.

It is essential that your child’s school has the most up-to-date information (telephone numbers – both home and work, address changes, etc.)  Please inform the school immediately of any changes to this information.

Announcements regarding the cancellation of school bus transportation will be broadcast  beginning at 6:15 am on CKON 97.3 radio station.  In the event of early closure, mechanical breakdown, etc., announcements will be made immediately on CKON.  Please be sure to listen to CKON for announcements.

For further information, please contact Dwayne Thomas, Transportation Supervisor at 613-933-0409 or 613-551-4501.