Our Schools

Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School

MISSION: Seven Gernerations. Learning in the future. Vital in the present. Rooted in the past.

Tel:            (613) 932-3366

Fax:           (613) 932-7722


Kana:takon School

MISSION: In partnership with parents, families and our community, we provide a culturally enriched education in Kanienkeha, our Mohawk language.  We are committed to instilling in each student a respect for our language and traditions which is the foundation for lifelong learning.

Tel:            (613) 575-2323

Fax:           (613) 575-1910


Tsi Snaihne School

MISSION: To lay the foundation for the building of healthy, responsible, cooperative and unique Kanien’kehaka.

Tel:            (613) 575-2291

Fax:           (613) 575-2827



Standardized Testing

The primary purpose of the testing is to assess the general educational development of all students. The tests measure some very important aspects of educational development. If students have taken the tests previously, the test scores will provide objective evidence of their growth on important educational objectives. Special studying or preparation for the tests is not necessary and the student’s typical routine should be followed. AMBE now administers the CAT-4 which is the newest version of the Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT). It is modeled to fit Canadian curricula and is a testing system that assesses the essential learning outcomes of the basic skill areas of reading, language, spelling and mathematics. In previous years, AMBE has administered testing two times per year (once in October and again in May), this year testing will only be administered during the month of May. Testing dates will be announced

Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) Tests – Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics are based on the reading, writing and mathematics expectations in The Ontario Curriculum. These assessments provide both individual and system data on students’ achievement.