Food Services Program

Once again, students will be provided with their own card that will be swiped every time they have lunch. Payments for hot lunch will be recorded on the card. Each time your child has hot lunch it will be deducted from the total amount that is on the card. For example, if you made a payment of $50.00, once this has been depleted, you will be informed and another payment will need to be made in order for your child to continue to take advantage of hot lunch being served. A request of balance owing for hot lunch can be given to you by calling the AMBE office at 613-933-0409. If you are employed by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, payroll deductions are an easy way to pay for lunches. Also, free and/or reduced meals are available to eligible families. Applications are available at the AMBE office.

The AMBE Hot Lunch Program was incorporated into the Board in September 2000. The AMBE wanted to ensure that all students have access to healthy lunches. Studies have shown that children cannot learn if they are hungry. Also, aggressive behaviours increase if children do not have their nutritional needs met.

Each school has a Head Cook. The Head Cook coordinates the program and compiles the monthly menus for each school. The Head Cooks work in conjunction with a certified nutritionist. Our goal is to expand the program in order to provide a breakfast and/or snack program.
This year, we are implementing a bar code card system to help keep track of the program. Each student has his/her own unique number. At lunch, the student simply swipes their card through the reader, and the system will automatically record each transaction.