Akwesasne Head Start Program

Akwesasne Head Start, one of the original Aboriginal Head Start On Reserve (AHSOR) programs in Ontario is funded by Health Canada. The program has grown from a stand-alone program housed in a renovated store on Kawehnoke into three classrooms, one in each of each our schools.

In our community, Head Start is a school readiness program fro 3 year old children. The program is therefore licensed under the Day Nurseries Act. Each classroom has two Early Childhood Educators and can enroll a maximum of 16 children. The curriculum followed is called Curiosity Corner©, a program for 3 and 4 year olds developed by the Success for All Foundation. (http://www.successforall.org)

Once the program expanded into each of our schools, Head Start began to align with the K-4 and K-5 classes. It is now the foundation of AMBE’s Early Years Program. The first years of school are critical to the development of children both academically and socially. AMBE strives to build on the success of our programming at this critical entry to school.


The Akwesasne Head Start Program believes our children are important in the 7th generation continuum: The involvement of parents, extended family, elders and community members encourages a holistic and safe program for our children.


The Akwesasne Head Start Program provides an accepting, nurturing environment for preschool children and their families based on the Kanien’kehaka value of inter-relatedness.

Akwesasne Head Start provides holistic, educational, services and resources for emotional, spiritual, cultural, intellectual and social growth and development of each child in partnership with parents. Akwesasne Head Start provides support and parenting workshops in order to foster stronger Kanien’kehaka families.

  • To develop the emotional, spiritual, cultural, intellectual and social growth of our children
  • To develop a sense of cultural identity and pride in our children
  • to include all children from our community in the Head Start Program regardless of ability or need
  • To develop attributes of respect, confidence, trust, cooperation, responsibility, sharing and independence in our children
  • To build strong partnerships with parents and elders
  • To create opportunities for children and their families to learn and use their Mohawk Language

School Hours: 8:15am to 2:30pm

Criteria for Admission
  • Families who have children who turn three before December 1st of each year
  • Families with children who are referred to Head Start by a doctor, social worker, psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, nurse, etc. Referrals are based on the factors that increase the risk of delayed child development. Referrals should be made by letter and be based on a formal assessment
  • Families with preschool children with identified challenging needs
  • First Nations families in surrounding communities that have preschool children
  • Families who will commit to actively participate and be involved in the program

*Note: In such instances, a case conference including the child’s family, Akwesasne Head Start supervisor, teachers, and referring agency will be scheduled to create a treatment plan based on needs identified in the referral.

Please submit all necessary documents in person at the AMBE office.

Required Documents: