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Message from the Director of Education

Welcome To Ahkwesahsne Board of Education!


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope you enjoyed a summer vacation full of fun and exciting memories with your loved ones. We are thrilled to welcome you back to a new school year filled with many opportunities for learning and growing.

The first day of school for students is Seskehkó:wa/September 9, 2019.

2019-2024 Strategic Plan

AMBE has grown to be an outstanding educational service provider.  To continue along this path for success and growth AMBE, has undertaken a strategic plan. The goal is to move forward with a clear and unified strategic plan for all of AMBE. The strategic plan will ensure our policies enhance our accountability, autonomy, transparency, and ability to serve our students. Together, the strategic plan and revised policies create focus thus ensuring that we use AMBE resources in the most effective and efficient way in support of our student’s needs.

The four paddles below are intended to guide AMBE as we continue to steer our students towards success:

PADDLE 1 ~ Kanien’kèha Language and Culture

Goals:  Clarify the unique Ahkwesàhsne Mohawk approach to education; promote Hotinoshon:ni customs; and continue to develop Kanien’kéha language.

PADDLE 2 ~ Student Success

Goals:  Continue to building on existing programs and services; continue to develop services for students with special needs; and demonstrate commitment to teacher and staff.

PADDLE 3 ~ Relationship Building

Goals:  Promote a positive organizational culture; improve communication; and establish partnerships.

PADDLE 4 ~ Organizational Excellence

Goals:  Advance the AMBE’s governance and leadership capacity; and AMBE schools, departments and services are continuously improving.

New Administration Staff

Each year brings positive change. This includes a few additions to our staff. We are delighted to welcome Akenhnhahse White, AMS School Principal; Tami Kroon, Acting Tsi Snaihne School Principal; Carrie Thompson, Kana:takon School Administrative Assistant; Denise Jackson, Superintendent of Student Services; Louella Guzzy Lazore, Student Services Facilitator; Elaine Thompson, Student Registrar.


The AMBE Enkenkiohwiiohà:ke (Building Blocks to Success) Program is an initiative to recognize and support students, from ages 4 to 13, with a range of difficulties including intellectual disabilities, autism, and/or behavioral and emotional challenges.

AMBE has secured funding through Jordan’s Principle to dedicate resources to meet the various needs of students. Students are referred to the AMBE Enkenkiohwiiohà:ke Program by principals, school resource teachers, and school counselors. Students will work toward developing the necessary skills to transition into a mainstream school setting. Through the AMBE Enkenkiohwiiohà:ke Program, students and their families will be supported as they encounter the challenges that may arise throughout the educational journey. Due to a lack of space the program is currently being offered off site. However, AMBE has plans to offer this crucial program in all AMBE Schools once space allows.

Tsi Snaihne School offers Grade 7

Tsi Snaihne School is now offering grade 7 due to overwhelming requests from parents.  We are thrilled to be able to provide continuity for students who have began their educational journey in Head start at Tsi Snaihne School.  In the 2020-2021 school year we are planning to expand further and offer grade 8.

Food Services

The AMBE Food Services Meal Plan costs $35 per month per student and includes breakfast, snack and lunch or $15 per month per student for breakfast and snack only. Assistance may be available to families that qualify. If you are in need of a free or reduced rate meal plan, please call Louella ‘Guzzy’ Lazore or Elaine Thompson at (613) 933-0409 to set up an appointment to determine eligibility for your household. 

After School Program

The After-School Program (ASP) is available for parents who need the service as a “latch key” between work and school.  You must register as soon as possible as this program is limited.

Beginning on Onerahtòkha/April 1, 2019 the After School Program fees increased in order to maintain this unfunded program.  One child is $25, two children is $40, three children is $55 and four children is $70. Fee includes after school supervision, engaging activities, help with homework and a snack.

Please ensure your account balance from the previous year has been paid in full to avoid disruption of service. The After School Program will begin on the first day of school. All children are to be picked up by 5:30 p.m. 

Parent Contact Information

AMBE subscribes to a mass messaging system called School Messenger. Broadcasts with important school information and updates are made via phone calls (home or cell) or email. This system will be utilized when an emergency or other spontaneous event occurs. In addition, AMBE may occasionally broadcast announcements regarding PD days, progress reports or report cards. Please ensure that all contact information is accurate and up to date.

Parental Involvement

We encourage you to attend Parent/Teacher conferences and other events at your child’s school.  Each school creates a monthly calendar filled with events and other important information. A Parent Committee is also offered at each school and your participation is highly encouraged.  You are also welcome to attend the meetings of the Board of Education. Visit the Board’s website at www.ambe.ca for information on all of our meetings, school activities, and events. 

We recognize that in order to be successful in school, children need support from both the home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education and will help them achieve their highest potential. As partners, we share in the responsibility for your child’s success and thank you for placing your confidence in the Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education.

Donna Lahache



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