Akwe:kon Wetewaterihwatkweni / Success for All

The Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education has engaged the services of the “Success for All” Foundation.  The Foundation assists schools in identifying and implementing strategies designed to reach every student, and provides a full array of supports that will help every child reach his or her full potential.  Students are provided with intensive instruction in language arts, and teachers receive extensive professional development to help every student succeed.  There is also an active family support program.

The project is funded under the First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP), a proposal based grant by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC).

AMBE implemented the Early Childhood Program of CuriosityCorner and KinderCorner at all three schools for students in K4 and K5 in 2010, as well as the Middle School Program Reading Edge for students in Grades 7 & 8, which was expanded to Grade 6 in 2012 when the Middle School was opened at AMS.

Also in 2012, AMBE implemented two additional programs, Reading Roots for Grade 1 and Reading Wings for Grades 2 – 5.

Early Childhood Programs

The Success for All Foundation’s Early Childhood programs for preschool and kindergarten children promote, develop, and enhance language and literacy skills, as well as mathematical, scientific, listening and social skills, creative expression, and positive self-esteem.  Each program provides young children with an experiential and child-centered curriculum that gives them the necessary foundation for success in elementary school.


The preschool program, CuriosityCorner©, is designed to engage three- and four-year-olds in literacy-focused, problem-solving activities. The instructional processes are built around the effective instructional concepts of cooperative learning, active teaching, and a supportive classroom structure.


KinderCorner© is a research-based and research-proven full-day kindergarten program that provides children with experiences that prepare them for success in the primary grades. KinderCorner© fosters the development of children’s language, literacy, math, interpersonal and self-help skills, science, and social studies concepts. The focus on strong oral language skills, a love of reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, and listening comprehension creates a solid foundation for reading.

Elementary School Program
  1. Reading Roots© – Reading Roots is a research-based beginning-reading program that provides a strong base for successful reading through systematic phonics instruction supported by decodable stories, along with instruction in fluency and comprehension. Reading Roots also fosters students’ love of reading by providing rich literature experiences, extensive oral-language development, and thematically focused writing instruction. These objectives are embedded in a fast-paced, engaging, and highly effective instructional process. Students are assessed and regrouped according to their reading level every quarter to ensure that they receive the most focused instruction.
  2. Reading Wings© – Reading Wings 4th Edition is a research-based reading curriculum that provides ninety-minute daily lessons over a period of five days and targets the needs of students reading on a second-through sixth-grade level who have successfully learned to decode but need to develop more sophisticated reading skills.To ensure that students become proficient readers, Reading Wings uses Success for All’s core instructional structures to target vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency, oral-language development, and written expression by providing students ample opportunities with both narrative and expository text.
Middle School Program

The Success for All Foundation’s middle school programs are designed to add well-structured curricula, instructional methods, and professional development for teachers to help students reach their full potential.  The Middle School design is a comprehensive, replicable model for middle schools serving many at-risk young adolescents.  The program improves literacy skills, but also provides challenging curricula in the content areas to prepare students for high school.

Reading Edge©

The Reading Edge© is a research-based and research-proven program designed to meet the unique needs of young adolescent readers.  Students focus on developing comprehension strategies using both narrative and expository texts, high-interest fiction, nonfiction, and reader’s theatre to develop basic decoding skills, reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  All students focus on building background knowledge and developing study skills to foster future success in school and beyond.  Reading Edge© uses cooperative-learning techniques to engage students in their learning and to create a positive classroom environment.


What Is Success for All?

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