Post-Secondary Program

Dwight Bero Jr, Post-Secondary Administrator, provides financial and counseling support to approximately 450 students per year. The program has limited information about colleges and universities throughout Canada and the United States.

AMBE believes that it is important for community members to pursue Post-Secondary education opportunities. Post-Secondary education will allow community members to secure better paying jobs and to provide services and expertise to Akwesasne and neighboring areas. It is the desire of both the Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education and the community to provide for and enter into self-government, self-reliance, and independence in planning and action. This requires well-educated and thoroughly trained citizens.

Student Eligibility for Assistance

  1. The student must be Onkwehonwe (Revised 1998).
  2. Onkwehonwe – For the purposes of the Post Secondary Policy and Guidelines Onkwehonwe shall mean a person who is registered in the Ahkwesahsne Membership List; and whose mother or father is/has been registered on the Ahkwesahsne or any other First Nation membership list (Revised 1998).
  3. The student must hold membership with the Mohawks of Akwesasne, or show proof of probationary membership status (Residency I only) (Revised 2006).
  4. Students who have successfully completed secondary school and have been accepted by an accredited educational institution.
  5. Students 19 years or older who have been out of high school for at least one year and have not completed secondary school but have been accepted as mature matriculates by an educational institution.
  6. Students who have been previously assisted through the Post-Secondary Assistance Program and have been accepted for the Honors Degree, Master’s Degree or a Doctorate Program.

Application Procedures
The student must make every effort to apply in person with the Post-Secondary Administrator to ensure that all of the application procedures listed below are fully completed.

  1. The student must complete an application for educational assistance by the annually established deadline.
  2. The student must have the Mohawk Council Membership Office (OVS) complete a Membership Confirmation Form, or show proof of probationary membership status with a certified copy from the OVS Office. (Revised 2006)
  3. The student must supply a copy of his/her letter of acceptance from the institution.
  4. The new student must supply a copy of his/her high school diploma.
  5. The new student must write an essay at least two paragraphs in length on the topic of why they want to gain a post-secondary education and what their career aspirations are.
  6. Every student applying for a Canadian college or university must apply for a bursary and show the Post-Secondary Administrator a copy of the application.
  7. The student must bring in a copy of his/her grades from the previous semester/year (if a returning college/university student).
  8. Every student must supply a copy of his/her course list each semester.
A complete copy of the guidelines can be printed for your perusal.


Post Secondary Education Forms


Application deadline for Fall 2018 is July 13, 2018

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Dwight Bero Jr, Post Secondary Administrator

Tel: 613-933-0409 Fax: 613-933-4454