The Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education is clarifying the incident at the Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School that occurred yesterdayMarch 7, 2018.   All AMBE schools have emergency procedures that are followed for various levels of incidents that may occur. There are three levels and response plans:

Level 1 – Shelter in Place
Low Level Response to Threat
Students stay inside the building due to a potential threat outside.
Parents will be notified afterwards by a note indicating that a Shelter in Place was held.

Level 2 – Hold & Secure
Moderate Level Response
Students stay in their classroom and all building doors are locked. Students continue on with normal classroom activities.
Parents will be notified afterwards by a note indicating that a Hold & Secure was held.

Level 3 – Lockdown
Highest Level Response
Students remain silent behind locked classroom doors, with the lights off, until emergency services arrive.
Parents and community will be immediately notified through media announcements that a Lockdown is in place.

The incident at AMS called for a Level 2 – Hold & Secure as a suspicious bag was discovered.  At no time was any threat made to the school and students; however, due to the nature of the bag’s contents it was determined that a police inspection would be required. Students at the school were placed in a Hold & Secure in order to keep them away from the area of investigation. At no time were students deemed to be in danger.

Police and school officials determined that the bag and owner posed no threat to the school and removed it from the premises. The Hold & Secure was then lifted.

A Level 2 – Hold & Secure – can occur for reasons such as an injury in the hallway or an emergency near the school. If an investigation reveals there is a more serious threat to student safety, the emergency response is raised to Level 3 – Lockdown.

The safety of students is of utmost priority to the AMBE school district and staff. Should students have been in danger at any time, an immediate announcement would have been made to alert parents and the community as per the procedures of a Level 3 – Lockdown.
Parents are encouraged to review the descriptions of AMBE’s emergency procedures and to contact their school principal or Donna Lahache, Director of Education, if they have any further questions or concerns.

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